Photo galleries

The website has been going since October 2005, and before that we weren't very thorough about taking photos. Not only that, but most of the ones we have seem to feature tea breaks! These days, we publish a few snaps of each task to prove that we also do some work.

The links below lead to thumbnail galleries. Click on a thumbnail to see the full-size picture.

December 2002 Clearing exotic trees and opening glades, in plantations near the eastern cattle grid.
September 2004 Clearing a route for a new footpath alongside the Brimpton Road.
August 2005 Bracken clearance south of the fire plane.
September 2005 Coppicing alder in wet flush, SE corner of common.
October 2005 Deepening and repairing balancing ponds.
November 2005 Tree and scrub clearance near GAMA site.
December 2005 Tree clearance west of Brackenhurst Lane.
January 2006 Scrub bashing above the pond near Heads Hill.
February 2006 Making bird boxes.
March 2006 Tree felling and footpath clearance at Crookham.
May 2006 Bracken control near Brackenhurst Lane.
June 2006 Our stand at the June Jubilee, Thatcham Nature Discovery Centre.
June 2006 Ragwort pulling and barbecue.
July 2006 Ragwort pulling.
August 2006 Bracken cutting.
September 2006 Tree clearance around ponds.
October 2006 Tree & scrub clearance.
November 2006 Tree & scrub clearance.
December 2006 Spreading heather clippings (and barbecue).
January 2007 Tree & scrub clearance.
February 2007 Scrub clearance at Pigeons Farm (BTCV event).
February 2007 Gorse clearance.
March 2007 Scrub clearance.
May 2007 Bridge deck repair.
June 2007 Ragwort pulling and BBQ.
July 2007 Ragwort pulling.
August 2007 Footpath clearance.
September 2007 Footpath clearance.
October 2007 Gorse clearance.
November 2007 Scrub bashing.
December 2007 Scrub bashing (and barbecue).
January 2008 Scrub bashing.
February 2008 Tree felling, with BCV and ATC contingents.
March 2008 Making bird boxes, yard tidy-up.
April 2008 Dormouse boxes, tree tidy-up in main car park.
May 2008 Building steps on footpath near Heads Hill pond.
June 2008 Ragwort pulling near the Control Tower, followed by barbecue.
July 2008 Visit to Warburg BBOWT reserve.
August 2008 There are no photos for August 2008.
September 2008 Scrub-bashing.
October 2008 Coppicing & glade creation.
November 2008 Scrub-bashing on Sandleford Heath.
December 2008 Scrub-bashing (and barbecue) on Sandleford Heath.
January 2009 Scrub-bashing at Bishops Green.
February 2009 Footpath clearance near Bowdown House.
March 2009 Improving reptile habitat at Crookham.
April 2009 Fence repairs at Crookham.
May 2009 Bird boxes, car park scrub clearance.
June 2009 Bracken clearance, AGM and barbecue.
July 2009 Ragwort pulling.
August 2009 Boardwalk construction.
September 2009 Scrub clearance.
October 2009 Scrub clearance.
November 2009 Scrub clearance.
December 2009 Scrub clearance.
January 2010 Scrub clearance.
February 2010 Hazel coppicing.
March 2010 Footpath clearance.
April 2010 Our stand at the celebration of the tenth anniversary of the re-opening of the commons .
April 2010 Footpath maintenance.
May 2010 Living Landscape walk.
June 2010 Pulling Himalayan balsam, AGM & BBQ.
July 2010 Balsam bashing.
August 2010 Balsam bashing & bramble trimming.
September 2010 Gorse & birch bashing.
October 2010 Scrub bashing.
November 2010 Removing exotics.
December 2010 Removing exotics, Christmas barbecue.
January 2011 Tree & scrub clearance.
February 2011 Gorse clearance & litter clearance.
March 2011 Installing waymark posts.
April 2011 Footpath maintenance.
May 2011 Bridge widening and installing a bench.
June 2011 Visit to Westonbirt.
July 2011 Pulling Himalayan balsam.
August 2011 Scrub bashing.
September 2011 Scrub bashing.
October 2011 Scrub bashing.
November 2011 Scrub bashing.
December 2011 Scrub bashing & barbecue.
January 2012 Scrub bashing.
February 2012 Hazel coppicing.
March 2012 Dead hedging.
April 2012 Fence repairs.
May 2012 Scrub bashing and pulling birch seedlings.
June 2012 Boardwalk and waymark refurbishment, footpath clearance.
July 2012 Waymark refurbishment, AGM and barbecue.
August 2012 Bramble clearance and meadow raking.
September 2012 Tree & scrub clearance.
October 2012 Scrub clearance.
November 2012 Scrub clearance.
December 2012 Scrub clearance & barbecue.
February 2013 Scrub clearance.
March 2013 Scrub clearance.
April 2013 Footpath drainage maintenance.
May 2013 Footpath drainage maintenance.
June 2013 Installing timber edging to footpath.
July 2013 Pulling Himalayan balsam, then AGM and barbecue.
August 2013 Clearing dead weed-wiped birch.
September 2013 Clearing sycamore.
October 2013 Clearing sycamore.
November 2013 Scrub clearance.
December 2013 Scrub clearance & barbecue.
January 2014 Scrub clearance.
February 2014 Tree & scrub clearance.
March 2014 Italian alder clearance.
April 2014 Fence repairs.
May 2014 Fence and gate maintenance.